3 Top Tips For Planning an Event

If you have been searching for Oxford conference venues, then you will absolutely benefit from our team’s top three tips for event planning. Keep reading to find out more.

Time management is key

It goes without saying that planning an event can be time-consuming. If you have elements of your event that you need to handle, it’s worth planning ahead and planning for the unknown. Allocate a certain time of the day (perhaps after your morning meeting or afternoon emails) and dedicate this time to working out what needs to be done – starting with deadlines first. Don’t be afraid to delegate if you can – other members of your team and an experienced team member from your venue can all lend a hand to ensuring your event runs smoothly. This tactic also makes better use of your time. From RSVPs and vendors to suppliers knowing your deadlines is invaluable.


Budget, budget, budget

It is essential to have an event budget. To keep track of this, you can use spreadsheets that multiple people can access for each round of amends – there are even examples of budgeting software out there. An experienced event planning team will be able to help you with your budget allocation. This next step links back to time management – know your deadlines as missing them may incur a charge. Add expected amounts and actual costs so you can see if you are over budget. Don’t forget to look at every part of your event and look into past events for examples of how much you have spent previously and any areas where you can cut back or abandon completely. Historical data will help put a benchmark budget in place that will not only benefit your business, but also the venue and suppliers hosting your event.


Choose a reliable venue

Choosing a reliable venue is the most important tip we can give. What do you want from your space? A reliable and experienced venue will be able to bring your vision to life, regardless of size or constraints. Ask questions about cost and service delivery; are there hidden fees? Can the venue cater? Your venue should be able to showcase studies and examples. What about convenience for attendees who are travelling – is there accommodation? It is worth noting that we are one of the most convenient places to stay in Abingdon – we are located in the heart of the Thames Valley and just six miles from Oxford. We’re a great location for your conferences, meetings and corporate events. Find out more about our location and business offering by clicking here.


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It’s the logical choice to conduct your business in Oxford. Conference venues such as ours are few and far between – we have recently been refurbished. Contact us today for more information.