Our Upcoming Training & Recruitment Regime

With the highly-anticipated rebrand making excellent progress, it’s certain we will soon be one of the most modern and sought-after Abingdon hotels. With this on the horizon, attention has shifted to the new employment and recruitment opportunities that will be commencing shortly. Our prospective staff will receive top-class training at our Abingdon accommodation in a variety of different areas.


What roles are we recruiting for?

Starting at the beginning of January we will be recruiting a number of exciting roles for prospective F&B and kitchen staff at various levels. There will also be opportunities to work on reception and the front desk at Hilton Garden Inn – Abingdon Oxford.


What will the training days entail?

We aim to commence training on the 11th February, with our sessions combining both FLOW and Hilton specific online training alongside generalised health and safety and hands-on skills. We will also be offering a leadership empowerment day for our new heads of department, led by a specialist external trainer. We believe that this will give our team the confidence and tools to effectively lead the new development. For staff that may be new to the area, we will be offering walking tours around the town to give an idea of what Abingdon has to offer – with the opportunity for a bit of extra team bonding too!


What is the recruitment process?

For the majority of roles we will be advertising online using Indeed and Caterer. In addition to this we have partnered up with the local jobcentre to provide a sector-based work experience programme to candidates. They will be given a week of training in customer service, interview techniques and other essential skills with a guaranteed interview with us at the end of it. We currently have around 15 people on this programme, so we are certain it will be a success.


What are the main qualities we are looking for in successful candidates?

We’re looking for individuals that are hard-working, charismatic and open-minded. Not everyone is going to have the perfect experience or knowledge of skills right away, but if they are willing to learn then we are willing to teach.

A good CV should be kept up-to-date and relevant to the job role you’re applying for. Writing concisely will help showcase your skills while keeping the reader’s attention. We’re receiving a high influx of CV’s at the moment so candidates will need something that stands out from the crowd.


Interested in working for us?  If you think you are the team member we are looking to hire at our new Abingdon accommodation, then be sure to apply by sending your CV here or by viewing vacant roles here.

To find out more about staying or working at one of the most exciting Abingdon hotels this year, contact us today.