Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens



The Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens is home to a very wide collection of animals and beautiful gardens. Nestled in 160 acres of stunning parklands, the Park offers a fantastic environment for all its animals and provides a fabulous day out for the whole family.


Located less than 30 minutes away for the Park, Oxford Abingdon Hotel stands out as one of the most convenient Oxfordshire hotels to explore the region. An easy car journey from the hotel, the Park offers complimentary car parking for all its visitors.


Discover all the Zoo’s species

The animal keepers have split the Park into four areas, each dedicated to specific animal types including: birds, mammals, primates, reptiles and amphibians. The 131 species of birds cohabit with a great range of large mammals including giraffes, lions, camels and zebras. Whilst lemurs are one of the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens’ most thrilling primates, rare snakes are one must-see in the reptile unit.


Wander around the gardens

The gardens are another big part of the Park and display stunning plants. The animal enclosures are surrounded by wonderful vegetation and you will also see colourful plants in the exhibits.


Get closer to the animals

When it comes to activities, there are many available every day at the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens, such as feeding the penguins, lions and lemurs as well as a great kids playground 20 feet over the ground.


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