Best Alternative New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

If you find yourself making the same new year’s resolutions year-after-year, why not try something different in 2017? As one of the top oxfordshire hotels, we are always looking for new and interesting ways to improve, in face we’ve put together our top suggestions for alternative New Year resolutions to help our guests too.


Do something nice for others every day

A Lot of the more common new year’s resolutions focus on improving yourself through becoming thinner, healthier, wealthier and happier. Although there is nothing wrong with this, we also like to focus on helping others too. Take some time each day to enhance someone else’s day. Whether it’s by offering a compliment to a stranger or volunteering for a good cause – having a positive impact on other people’s day will not only help them, but make you feel good about yourself too.


Factor in 15 minutes of ‘me’ time a day

With our lifestyles becoming increasingly hectic, it is crucial to factor in some alone time. Schedule in at least 15 minutes a day to do something you genuinely enjoy that will make you feel relaxed and revitalised. Whether it is reading a book or newspaper with a glass of your favourite wine, listening to a new podcast or having a well-deserved bubble bath, taking some time to yourself will help you feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever the world has to throw at you.


Have a technology free date night

Technology entwined into our daily lives. We are surrounded by screens, mobile devices and tablets and our electronic connectivity can often interfere with that all important human connection. Lock away your phones, laptops, game consoles or whatever it might be and have a technology free date night to truly give your partner, friend or family member your full, undivided attention.


Do one thing a month that scares you

Go outside of your comfort zone. Research has shown that doing something which scares you will help you to be more productive, prepares you for potential unexpected changes, equips you to push your boundaries in the future, and makes it easier to express your creativity.


Be spontaneous – book a last minute holiday

A change of scenery can be extremely fun and relaxing. Break out of your daily routine, don’t worry about schedules, just go and explore. There is some great British countryside out there, especially around us here in Oxfordshire, so get out there and see the world on a whim.


Break a personal record

Challenge yourself this year. Setting an end goal is a great way of enhancing your confidence and giving you something to work towards. Whether it’s a fitness related challenge or personal project, set your sights on achieving this in 2017. There are thousands of weird and wonderful records in need of breaking out there.


Learn something you didn’t learn as a child

With all the stresses and strains that comes with adulthood, a great way to take your mind off things is by learning a new skill. Whether it’s learning to swim or ride a bike, this new year provides the perfect opportunity to learn something you didn’t get the chance to as a child. Go ahead, do something your younger self would be proud of.


Reduce your reliance on social media

The current global addiction is Social Media doesn’t look like it is about to wane any time soon. Social networking is useful for staying in touch with friends and loved ones, however, the reliance on social media means hours every day are being spent on these online platforms. Make a conscious effort to stay off social media when you are eating, taking a bath or going to bed and see if you really miss it. You might just be surprised.


Remember, the most important thing is not to make resolutions which are unrealistic or unachievable. Pick one or two that particularly resonate with your personal situation and select the ones you would like to accomplish. Plan everything (apart from the spontaneous outbursts) and make sure you reward yourself for each milestone you reach.


As one of the top hotels Oxford has to offer, we’d love to hear what resolutions you have planned for 2017, and if your spontaneous adventures send you our way, all the better!