The Best Hotel Deals in Oxford

At Oxford Abingdon Hotel, we provide our guests with several hotel deals, offers and promotions so you can make the most of your stay with us. Whether it is an exclusive discount on your bedroom rate or a special reduction at the nearby luxury outlet centre, our hotel offers competitive deals to our guests.


PLEASE NOTE: We are currently undergoing a refurbishment and extension due to be completed by Autumn 2018. We will be re-building the public areas including the restaurant, bar, lounge, conference rooms and reception. The hotel is still open during this time.

Check our blog to get the latest insights on the refurbishment and get an insight on the new rooms.

 Why choose one of our Oxford hotel deals?

By booking your stay with us directly, we can provide you with a bespoke experience and a guarantee that you will benefit from the best deal.


You will find a plethora of hotel deals in Oxford; however, Oxford Abingdon Hotel stands out as one of the best value hotels in the Oxfordshire area. Our offers have been specially tailored according to seasonal events and customer feedback.


With its convenient location, the hotel is the perfect destination for our guests who wish to explore Oxford and its surroundings. So if you’re planning on spending the weekend discovering the historical town for the first time or looking to indulge in a shopping day, you can benefit from our great offers below.


For more information on our Oxford hotel deals, contact us now or call us on 01235 553456.